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How to Bind Books: a Video Workshop

Book Binding Guy
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"Home Bound" Book Challenge

Learning a new hobby and making beautiful things have a way of restoring our spirits and inspiring others. These were my motivations in creating this Video Workshop, and now more than ever, I want to share the joy of book binding with as many people as possible.

You Set the Price

Please contribute what you feel is fair by replacing the suggested price. (The smallest amount the platform permits is $1.) The spirit of "pay-what-you-feel" helps more people learn to bind books in two big ways.

First, it prioritizes the meaningful learning experience you'll have rather than a transaction. This workshop and book binding are labors of love. If you agree that the world would be better off if more people made books, please support that goal by paying a fair price, watching the workshop, and recommending it to your networks if you enjoy it.

Second, pay-what-you-feel makes it possible for anyone to access this workshop regardless of ability to pay. Imagine teachers, students and families on tight budgets. Your contributions allow me to remove price as a barrier so they can begin a lifetime of the craft, and I trust, pay it forward in due time in their own creative ways.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal is for 5,000 people to learn how to bind books.

It's a tribute to my parents. That's about how many students' lives they each touched in their first 25 years as educators. As of April, we're over 20% to the goal (1076 learners). 

Are you game to be a +1?

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90-min video in five chapters. Includes a 25-page PDF booklet of Bonus Materials.

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How to Bind Books: a Video Workshop

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